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African prints have experienced tremendous worldwide popularity in recent years

BurberryPeter Pilotto

Across the continent however, these prints have always been commonly used - be it ankara (West African wax print) or khanga (East African print)

Did you know?

  • The African textiles industry is suffering

  • In Nigeria alone, over 700,000 jobs have been lost within the last decade

  • In Ghana, from over 20 textiles firms in the 90s, the country now has only 4 major textiles factories employing under 3000 Ghanaians

  • Imported Chinese fabrics and pirated prints are destroying industries across Africa


What are we doing?

My Asho is taking action!

We are working directly with fabric manufacturers based in Nigeria and Ghana, selecting locally produced prints and working with our designers to create collections available to purchase exclusively on My Asho Market.

It's a small step, but we encourage you to support Africa produced African prints. Go to authorised dealers or contact the manufacturers directly. #tradenotaid

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