Welcome to another week at My Asho HQ. Through our serial blog we share the ups and downs, highs and lows of the entrepreneurship journey on which we have embarked.

The major news everyone is talking about this week, is the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. A 55 person company sharing a $19 billion dollar windfall - what's not to talk about?! For us, the news was particularly exciting (we're looking at you Facebook! Holler!), because we are avid users of the app, which helps us communicate with our myriad of designers, suppliers, graphic designers, tailors, photographers and so and so forth - basically over 90% of our communication is through apps such as WhatsApp or BBM.

Being based in the UK and working with stakeholders across Africa, Europe and the rest of the World, the ability to converse cheaply, quickly and effectively (with images, voice notes, multimedia links, smiley faces, sad faces, angry faces) is extremely important - so yay! We're very excited about the news and tres eager to see what Facebook does next.

In other news this week, we introduced our Adire collection (read all about it here) and the African Kimono. Keeping true to our mission of adding new, stylish and authentic products to the site on a weekly basis, this collection combines the work of local textile designers in Southern Nigeria - who designed and hand dyed the fabrics, and the work of local tailors who worked with the printed fabric to create the Asian influenced Kimono.

Brown Stripes Kimono by My Asho MarketBrown Stripes Kimono by My Asho Market

We're looking forward to launching new products on the site over the coming weeks, and hope you'll love every item as much as we do. There is such a big focus right now on Africa, especially with all things fashion related. One major retailer recently announced production of it's SS14 collection in Nigeria and Kenya - which we hugely advocate. We also heard of Vans collaborating with Ghanaian based production outfit Della to produce a SS14 footwear collection, which is so beautiful.

Della x Vans Collaboration SS14

Furthermore, we were thrilled to hear about the 2 African designers shortlisted for the Global LVMH Young Fashion Designer prize - congratulations to Maki Oh and Orange Culture. Flying those flags high and proud. We wish you the best of luck!

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