It's April, and officially the start of the Spring/Summer wedding season. You'll soon start to see beautifully embossed invitations arriving in your mailbox, the African Royal wedding is nigh and you're going to need something spectacular to wear!

If you've been invited to a traditional African wedding, you may be wondering what on earth you're supposed to wear. Well, we've got you covered with our top picks. So time to RSVP and time to shop!

1. The Jaga Jaga Dress

What to Wear to African Wedding - Jaga Jaga Dress at My Asho Market

This African print dress in its vibrant colours covers most colour schemes. Accessorise with our Strawberry Box Clutch, African Wood Bangles and Ime hair bow for that extra dazzle

2. The Tropical Tulip Dress

What to Wear to African Wedding - Tropical Tulip Dress at My Asho Market

Bold and beautiful, you may steal all the attention from the blushing bride in this funky number. You will be guaranteed to get a lot of enquiries about this dress, so get your story straight - it was made using African print fabric that was actually produced in Africa, and designed by Ghana based ethical brand Kiki Clothing exclusively for My Asho Market.

3. The Lily Twist Dress

What to Wear to African Wedding - Lily Twist Dress at My Asho

Available for pre-order on My Asho, this is a classic, elegant, authentically African dress. Although without the traditional print patterns, most fashion savvy Nigerians are aware of the Tiffany Amber design label and will recognise the iconic twist dress.

4. The Fuchsia Dress

What to Wear to African Wedding - Fuchsia Dress at My Asho

Make your statement in bogolanfini, mudcloth print. More discreet than colourful African prints, but just as recognisable. The pop of summer fuchsia means you won't be a wallflower especially with the body hugging, figure flattering silhouette.

5. The Lace Maxi Dress

What to Wear to African Wedding - Lace Maxi Dress at My Asho Market

Perfect blend of sexy yet modest, this is like a mullet dress with sexy lace up top and demure full length skirt grazing the ankle. You can team this with the matching jacket (perfect for the church service) and chuck it when you reach the dancefloor. Electric slide anybody!

So, these are our picks of what to wear to an African wedding. We also have plenty of accessories for you to choose from - Shop our Wedding Season Pieces here

Be sure to follow our blog for style ideas on how to match them with high street pieces.

What's your favourite wedding look?