We are happy to announce that the Yinka Ilori up-cyling workshops are starting again in May! This is a unique opportunity to upcycle your tired furniture at the Yinka Ilori studio in the heart of London.

Yinka Ilori Workshop

Tell your stories through your design - with inspiration coming through from African music playing in the background, and a live talking drummer speaking wisdom-filled African parables, who knows what you'll create?! Hellooo future Picasso!

For more information on the creative genius that is Yinka Ilori, please visit his website. To sign up, please send him an email.

WEBSITE: www.yinkailori.com/

EMAIL: hello@yinkailori.com 

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/yinksdesigns

This sounds like a great event (eyeing battered HQ furniture). If you are able to attend, do send us pictures of your creations.