Bold and colourful are the obvious words we could use to describe this print. Produced by Printex in Ghana, this is a textbook example of an African print.

Interestingly enough, we were unable to find an actual textbook definition of African prints. In fact, searches revealed quite interesting finds! A search on the Merriem Webster online dictionary for example, suggested that perhaps “African elephant” might be what I was looking for...erm, no thanks!

We explained the origin of the African wax print in a blog post eons ago, and yes it’s all very fascinating stuff. Now even more fascinating is the fact that Printex in Ghana is able to print exciting, bold, QUALITY prints (they don’t wash out – we tested them). In a continent of over a billion people, a high proportion of whom wear African print clothing, this is a great, sustainable push for the industry.

Printex Ghana Visit

So here’s to the tropical African sun. We’ll think of you when we wear our Tropical Rhythm print, eat our supermarket fruit and enter into a hopefully kind Autumn/Winter season.

We’d love to hear your definition of African print.  Please share in the comments box below.