What would Lagos be without its red carpets? Hold that thought for a sec, and instead start figuring out how these pieces of floor-length gorgeousness fit into your social calendar. With such an array of options from Sisiano’s tulle creation to Valerie David’s eye for colour, we can’t wait to watch the socialites come out to play.

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You’ll probably need a jacket or three, especially if you can never quite tell whether to take the weather forecast seriously (London, we’re looking at you!). In any case, do you really need an excuse to buy a bright spring coat? Didn't think so. If you can only afford one piece, make it Jewel by Lisa’s print, belted and embellished coat -- instant hit, end of story. Colour? Wanemi's blue embroidered jacket is oh-so-fresh. Drama your thing? Enter stage left: aso-oke cape by Sholly Jaay.

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