It is nearly the weekend! Are you as excited as we are? Well to add to the fun, we are introducing a brand new My Asho Market Challenge! Woohoo!

Let's jump right into it. We have have challenged uber cool My Asho Market fan, follower and fashionista - Cynthia Tabe, to wear Print For A Week.

This is the ultimate challenge in many ways as it is nearly winter in London (everyone's dressing dreary) and Cynthia has a full time job working in the city. She was also in the middle of a Purple Lipstick challenge (wearing Purple lipstick for a MONTH) when we set her the printforaweek challenge.

Read more about My Asho Woman Cynthia Tabe, her Purple Lipstick Challenge and how you can help.

NAME: Cynthia Tabe


OCCUPATION: I am an insurance network manager by day for a large multinational company with a focus on managing our partners in Africa. At night or on the side, I am a PR girl! I run ModeMaison PR, a new school PR/Marketing/Branding and fashion rental/styling agency based in Douala, Cameroon providing services to the entertainment and lifestyle industries within Cameroon and international. I am also a fashion writer/blogger on

How did you first hear about My Asho? I heard about My Asho from when it was launched in 2009 as I am an ardent African fashion lover and also work within the industry.

What draws you to African prints? I adore colour!! I love the way print has been modernised and made wearable even to places like a conservative workplace. I love the versatility, the diversity and the flamboyance of it all. It suits my character and personality nicely!

Describe your style in 5 words: A colourful representation of ME!

Ultimate celebrity fashion icon: Solange Knowles ofcourse no dulling!!

What is your purple lipstick challenge and how can people donate? My purple lipstick challenge started out as an excitement for a new lipstick colour I had just acquired so I made a self imposed challenge to wear the colour all November long. However a few days into the challenge I became so bored and was about to drop it altogether but then got encouraged by friends to keep it going. So, I decided to tie it with a charity and I am now fundraising for Path to Possibilities' "Christmas Path-Makers" campaign. They are a UK registered charity based in London that provide education sponsorship to gifted but poor kids in Nigeria. The charity currently have 7 fab kids who are doing amazingly well in school. The charity will like to build a library at Idale Primary School so my intention is to fundraise about £200 for them. I would be grateful if people can donate via my JustGiving page here:

Follow Cynthia on Twitter: @Brownschuga
Check out her blog:

See how she puts her own personal twist and style on print right here on our blog and join the converstaion on Twitter with the hashtags #myashochallenge #PrintForAWeek #AfricanPrint.

Will you be the next person to take up the My Asho Market Challenge?