Sometimes, the stories you hear about Africa make you believe it’s a totally disorganised continent filled with corrupt leaders, criminals, disease and dangers everywhere you turn.

The simple Pebbles and Waves print reminds us in the most basic way to always be aware, as the novelist Chimamanda Ngozi  Adichie states, of the danger of a single story.

Africa is a very diverse CONTINENT of 54 countries. Each filled with different tribes, a multitude of cultures and breathtaking natural beauty – a lot of which is unspoiled.

Pebbles and Waves

 Along the many coasts, by the seas and the lake are beautiful waves which rise and fall gently over glistening pebbles The hypnotic, steady rhythm bringing welcome peace and tranquillity to what can be otherwise be very chaotic – see Metropolis Print.

So travel from South Africa, to the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania, across the great lakes of the Southern region, to the Gold coast of Ghana – it may be a continent of mediocre swimmers, but at least one can sit and enjoy pebbles and waves.