I'm in love with what I do. Almost obsessed...

I taught myself to crochet up in my favorite tree when I was about nine years old, growing up in Ghana. I had seen the girls do it at school, and felt the need to learn how. I had gotten one of them to teach me, but we were unsuccessful. During my summer vacation, I stayed up in my favorite tree and kept practicing until I got it. Then I forgot all about it until I moved to New York. Thoughts of Mawusi started in June 2011,(Though Mawusi actually begun in September of 2012.) They were put there by a good friend who was very excited about the things I kept making for her. College had just ended and I was jobless and stressed so I turned to craft to relax, and to Mawusi with the hope of doing what I love for a living.

My jewelry and accessories are made to be simple in an effusion of eccentricity that justifies as eclectic and timeless. Most of what I make is done from scratch. For instance my yarn necklaces start out as simple strings of yarn, they are then braided, then sewn into shape to form pendants and then attached to braided yarns and made into fun adjustable pieces. 
 African prints being even in my baby pictures -- as background screens -- I cannot help it but love these prints with their festive colors and stories that blow ones mind. For Mawusi, I create with beautiful blends of African prints in ways that are both universal and embracing of my heritage.

I love creating for Mawusi. Everything I make is made in glee. Even when I am tired, even when crocheting is putting me to sleep; it is just so much fun. Knowing that it will all transfer to you whom I design and make it for; because you are fun

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