Hope you’re doing well. Jumping right in as you may have seen from the title it is all about that bling. Since it’s Christmas time you do deserve that necklace or maybe it is the perfect way to make a significant other feel good. Either way the longer the neck, the shinier it is, the better. (Long neck = Diamond Real Estate!) 

So, grab you card because this one is so worth it, the ultimate jewellery gift guide of African Designers.



Necklaces by African Designers

TOP: Quazi Design – Pulp Petal Necklace; Anita Quansah - Tou Necklace; Quazi Design – Beaded Fabric Half Gold Necklace

BOTTOM: Pichulik – Catherina’s Ruff Necklace ; Quazi Design – Beaded Necklace; Anita Quansah – Sika Collar




TOP: Adele Dejak -Elinah; Adele Dejak – BahatiAlmaz Low;  Adele Dejak – Chozia Choker &Sylvet Pendant

BOTTOM: Adele Dejak - Habida; Dear Rae - Twisted Choker




TOP: Matter of Fakt – Raw Stone Brass Earring; Quazi Design – Pulp Rock Studs; Dear Rae – Gold Delicious Monster Earrings

BOTTOM: Adele Dejak – Nandi Earrings




TOP: Adele Dejak – Ro-Ashanti Mbili bracelet ; Matter of Fakt – Raw Stone Mid Point Amethyst Bangle; Adele

BOTTOM: Adele Dejak – Ro-Leafy Brass; Matter of Fakt – Raw Stone Freedom Bangle; Adele Dejak - Ayan

So thats the selection, I am sure you have a preferebce, do let us know which piece is your favorite. If there is more than one, even better! 

Have a great weekend.