The popular bird print! Recognised by many and used by all. Legend has it, this print was first developed by a Senegalese painter and depicts swallows in flight. This is probably true, but still we came up with our own fictional story...

This print was manufactured in northern Nigeria (this part is true) by African Textiles Manufacturing Ltd (ATML). It comes in a juicy palette of teal, yellow and navy blue, and features beautiful hummingbirds in flight.

The hummingbird feeds on honey and the yellow oval surrounding the bird is reminiscent of this. One of the smallest birds in the world, Wangari Maathai uses the story of the hummingbird to beautifully illustrate how playing our own little part in the best way, we make a huge difference collectively.

We think this is a great message and an excellent story for the Hummingbird Print. What do you think?

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