Welcome to another week at My Asho HQ. Through our serial blog we share the ups and downs, highs and lows of the entrepreneurship journey on which we have embarked.

Sometimes the immensity of the challenge we have embarked on leaves us in awe. We have such a big vision for our company and when we look back at the last 3 months, or even the last 6 months (since the launch of My Asho Market), and the last (almost) 6 years since the initial launch of My Asho, we do see how with small steps we are slowly reaching for our dream: to connect Africa to the rest of the world through fashion.

Best Laid Plans
This week on My Asho, we have (im)patiently awaited the arrival of our new SS14 pieces. Best laid plans and all - they should have arrived about 3 weeks ago! But better late than never - we're always optimistic.

We source our products from all across Africa and connect with over 100 African designers and artisans across the world. For our tiny little team, this can be very overwhelming. We have to coordinate the product, timing of the delivery, make sure the pricing works for both the designers and the ultimate customer, sort out taxes and all the boring import wahala. Unfortunately also, pieces get damaged in transit, or aren't what they say on the tin (or the samples). We have a very strict quality control process as we want everything to be perfect for our customers, so alterations and modifications and complications combine and lead to delays which adds to our general day to day erm..wahala.
This week, we introduced you to Shalom. DJ has been working with him over the past few weeks and we're especially excited about his upcoming pieces. A lot of the designers and tailors do get it right first (or second) time and Shalom is definitely in the good category. In fact, he is absolutely awesome! #myashonotsosecretweapon 

We're looking forward to receiving and shooting our new pieces and we hope you'll like the looks we'll put together. We'll be trying our hand at styling for the first time, so we're hoping we don't completely embarrass ourselves! Stay tuned in - follow us on instagram to see behind the scene shots from our photoshoot.

Have a great week! xoxo

The My Asho/My Asho Market Team