It was with great delight we received our copy of Fashion Africa, a well chronicled guide to "African Fashion" by Jacqueline Shaw.

This coffee table book serves as a brilliant introduction to our industry, spotlighting 40 designers from across the continent via a series of short interviews, using eye-catching images from their collections for effective illustration.

Fashion Africa by Jacqueline Shaw

As the world shines it eyes on the African fashion scene, this book acts as a great homage to the designers (some of whom we didn't actually realise were still in the game, and some of whom we were unfamiliar with), making sure their work does not go unnoticed. Sadly, the industry has little legal protection in terms of copyright or giving credit where it's due, but "Fashion Africa" plays a pivotal role in helping to minimise potential exploitation. It cements in history the work of our talented designers, outlining their unique methods of production and exposing their creative influences from across the continent. For those who choose to "be (exploitatively) inspired" by Africa, we'll be referencing specific page numbers and coming after you.

For African fashion lovers, this is a great gift to yourself. Get your copy here and let us know what you think!