Fashion Friday today is all about the dashiki! Here are some fun facts (thanks Wikipedia) about this popular garment:

  • The name Dashiki is derived from the Yoruba word danshiki which means shirt.
  • It is usually worn with a cap called "kurfi" or "koufia" and a pair of pants "sokoto" which is the yoruba word for trousers

Apparently made popular by a young African king, Oba Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu ADefunmi, who was born in the USA in 1928. He travelled to Haiti aged 20 to learn more about his African heritage and returned to the USA and began small scale manufacture of Dashikis and other african garments.

Made popular through TV shows such as Soul Train and more recently by superstars like Beyonce, the dashiki looks to be a cult fashion piece that will stand the test of time.

Beyonce in Dashiki

The dashiki is truly an African inspired product. Our team scoured markets across Nigeria looking for "Made in Africa" styles to add that extra dash of authenticity, but unfortunately the majority we found were mass produced in Asia.

So, us being us, we have come up with a colorful selection of dashikis, proudly made in Nigeria. Shop our dashiki collection here!