She has been the belle of the red carpet this season and the talk of the town/world. This African beauty stunned us all with her standout performance as Patsey in 12 years a slave. She fascinates and dazzles, the embodiment of intelligence, beauty and yes, style.

There's something about Lupita N'yongo and the buzz in the air is not from the bees waking up to Spring. We've followed her wardrobe all through the awards seasons, and noticed a definitely trend. This is a true woman of colour. She wears in it oranges and blues, reds and yellows. Keeping it clean with her block colour choices and not really mixing it up.

Printastic Love

Well, as you all know, here at My Asho, we are BIG fans of the mix up. Whether it's graphic like Kerry Washington or printastic like Folake Kuye-Huntoon of Style Pantry, we want to see more! So go on Lupita, get your colour mash up on!

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Lupita rocking some print?