If you follow us on Instagram (you should totally follow us on Instagram!), you’ll be well aware that the epic St Jude #ukstorm 2013 caused some damage to our HQ. We didn’t stress too much about it initially but turns out our roof has been quite badly damaged and is in danger of leaking when the winter rains come. Concensus is that we'll have to move all our stock to another location whilst the damage is fixed. Builders and their dust and all – grrr. We had it all so nicely organised – we’re aspiring to ASOS.

 UK Prime Minister visits ASOS HQ - Can you see resemblance with ours? A little bit, right? Hehe

As frustrating as this is, we are a level-headed bunch and generally keep things in peRspective. Yes, peRspective. We do know how to spell the word. Thank you to those who pointed out the spelling mistake in our newsletter. We love that you're on the ball! After spending aaages on our first My Asho newsletter and feeling, perhaps slightly too pleased with our efforts, we hit the send button only for minor panic and attempted recall to ensue. Subject: The My Asho Pespective. Sigh. And yes, people did point it out – thank you. To all fans of the English language, we sincerely apologise.

The My Asho Perspective - November

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We don’t want to be the pushy online store that bombards you with emails, tweets and all such things. BUT in order for us to keep doing what we’re doing, we do need to spread the word. You can help us by tweeting, Facebook-ing, reposting our instagrams, emailing your friends or dropping us in a conversation. We have a promo for all first time shoppers on My Asho Market “sharingiscaring” which gives 10% off. ALSO – for all our shoppers outside of the EU – you pretty much get 20% off anyways, as you don’t have to pay VAT (for EU shoppers – please take it up with David Cameron/George Osborne as we have no control over all that). Take your items to checkout and see what your total is!

So...speaking of marketing, Google called us the other day. Phone rang, and it was Google (calling us from Ireland of course – refer to David Cameron/George Osborne tax issue). They’d love to help us with a marketing campaign. How sweet!  We only have to sell our kidneys or 100 items from our site to afford it – so erm…if you want to help us out, get shopping! Did we mention 10% off?

In further FUN news, we are doing the #MYASHOMARKETCHALLENGE. Yup. We found a kindred spirit on twitter and dared them to wear print for a week. Should be fun considering our contender works for an insurance company in the city. Snore!!! – we kid! We LOVE insurance. It’s fixing our roof!

So that’s it for this week. If you have any advice for us re: marketing, insurance, or our business in general, we’d love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment.

Have a great week!

The My Asho/My Asho Market Team