To say that Ituen Basi is simply a fashion designer would be a profound understatement. A designer for over 3 decades, the soft spoken, creative, self assured talent is a maestro at all endeavours she undertakes and many endeavours there are.

Ituen Basi - Head Designer

Ituen Basi is the director of the Fashion Development Agency and IntoFashion; companies which run training programmes aimed at promoting, supporting and developing capacity building practitioners of the Nigerian garment industry. She is a true ambassador and pioneer for the "Made in Africa" movement - putting her money, time and energy where her mouth is. You can  find her lecturing to design students, passing on her wealth of skills and knowledge to upcoming talents in the industry.

African Accessories by Ituen Basi for My Asho Market

This Accessory collection forms just one of a multitude of signature pieces produced by Ituen Basi using prints exclusive to My Asho Market. The belts, bangles and earrings are easily recognisable, versatile, fun to wear and will add that dash of colour to any outfit be it formal or casual. We hope to bring you clothing from her Double Take and Ekemini collections in the near future so watch this space!

Browse and shop pieces from the hugely popular Ankara and Beads collection here.

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