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From New York to London and Milan to Paris, fashion editors, bloggers, stylistas, fashionistas, celebrities and glitterati gathered to see what will be in store for Autumn/Winter 2014. We'll bring you our trend report shortly, but this week, whilst everyone looked one way, we kept our eye on our prize - the African print fabric. And more importantly, the African print fabric produced in Africa.

The decision to work with locally produced prints was one we made last season, as we felt to compelled to (in our own small way) act on behalf of the flailing textile industry - you can read our print story here. This season we'll be working with even more textile manufacturers across Africa including GTP in Ghana and a few from Ivory Coast (we'll bring you details of those later!). We have been so busy researching, investigating, stalking and pestering, that you can only imagine our glee when when we stumbled (or tumbled) across this video from the BBC spotlighting Nigeria's fashion and fabric designers. 

This week, we also attended a conference at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, organised by Jacqueline Shaw of Africa Fashion Guide. It was very interesting to meet kindred spirits and discuss the global fashion trend towards Africa. Our feeling on this is to embrace the attention and maximise opportunities presented. We only hope that people will choose to collaborate rather than exploit the talent of individuals or the products/aesthetic that the continent inspires. As the Africa Channel tweeted this week: "An army of sheep led by a lion can only defeat an army of lions led by a sheep." 

We'll leave you with that for this week as we go and get primped up for our private Oscar party - what will Queen Lupita wear?! Thank you for reading our blog and as usual, please leave thoughts and comments below.


Have a great week!


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