I'm often asked why I don't wear African clothes. Today I give you the answer to this question mentioning My Asho Market, a brand that sells items by African designers online.

I already felt quite restless, whenever I was asked why I had such a European Look. I felt guilty because I would be interrogated about the way I represented my culture, the way I identified my country, and sometimes called “foreigner”. Fortunately I am now able to delve into the topic because I know that when I eventually find a piece that I can identify myself with, I will wear it and represent it.

Some of you may not know, but I lived in Portugal for 10 years and that was a crucial factor in how I developed as a person. Regardless of how much I try to ignore it, there is a mix that I cannot despise, and I accept it 100%, because each of those paths, made me who I am today as person, of whom I am very proud to be.

Fashion is part of my life and I feel extremely privileged to work in the industry and I am able to wear pieces by designers from our beloved African continent. At My Asho Market, I was able to find pieces that I can identify with perfectly, and that are a perfect addition to my closet.

The My Asho Market Team, stays updated and features exclusive products that make the buying experience even more attractive! From people like me, who prefer sober colors to people that like vibrant colors and patterns, there is something for every taste. A good part of the items are from Nigeria and Ghana, where they are produced and crafted to the smallest detail to be appreciated all over the world.

As you may know, I am self assumed lover of smooth fabrics, and I didn't see myself making any other type of choice, so when I saw this skirt (set skirt + top) on My Asho Market, I was sure that I had to have it, to give a twist to my looks. As you can see, I was a good choice because I was able to create a look quite different from the usual. The fabric is fluid, perfect for spring days that have been knocking on the door. The bag is very interesting, in a “shrill” colour it ened up giving the final it factor to the look, because it has the strap it becomes versatile.

You can see the full look here.
This post was originally written by Claudia Santos os Kllau.com
Translated by Bruna Fondo