We reached out to Ivy to learn more about what drives her to buy pieces from us, what problems she experienced with our previous site, and why she keeps keeps coming back for more. Here is what she said:

How did you hear about My Asho?
I discovered My Asho when looking for stockists in Europe of Christie Brown items. So I think that was at the beginning of 2012.

Have you experienced problems with My Asho in the past?
Indeed I've experienced such annoying problems with My Asho but I still do come back because you stock items of some African designers I love and as you're in Great Britain, it's easier to have it delivered in Paris.
I also experienced problems in the past regarding the delivery information and product availability. It was very frustrating and annoying to find out that items I'd ordered were no longer available*.

*(From Ivy's feedback we introduced UPS courier delivery, and all items purchased on the site are available for immediate dispatch)

What do the products that you buy from My Asho mean to you?
I'm always happy to buy products from your site because I love fashion and especially fashion made by African designers or designers that use African fabric!
Even though I'm a barrister, I try to put some "fun" in my daily life through what I wear.

I'm really proud of my origins and have been wearing prints for more than 10 years! I believe prints can be matched with more occidental clothes and can make you feel great and unique

People often describe me as someone that has her own great style and ask me why I don't have a blog - lol! They are always asking where i bought this top or this skirt and I'm always telling them to have a look on My Asho

Fortunately for us, one of these people was Ivy's mum, who rocked the hell out of the Print Skirt by Toju Foyeh and kindly sent us a picture! We're glad that you were both happy with your recent purchases.
Happy Customer in the Print Skirt by Toju Foyeh

Ivy, you truly are a valued customer! Thanks for being a great ambassador and a true My Asho Woman.

What do you guys think of Ivy's looks? Please share your thoughts and comments below. If you'd like to have the My Asho Spotlight on you, do get in touch with us here!