It's Womens Month and what better time than to celebrate some of our African Beauties that grace the runways and ad campaigns across the globe. Here are 10 African Faces that have had our eyes (at least mine) glued on their instagram profiles.


Maria Borges

1. Maria Borges – Angola 

Tatiana Ismael

2. Tatiana Ismael – Mozambique 

Sharam Diniz

3. Sharam Diniz – Angola

Alichia Adams

 4. Alichia Adams – Mozambique 

Aamito Lagum

5. Aamito Lagum – Uganda 

Ajuma Nanseyana

6. Ajuma Nanseyana – Kenya 

Akuol de Mabior

7. Akuol de Mabior – Sudan 

Amilna Estevao

8. Amilna Estevao – Angola 

Djenice Duarte

9. Djenice Duarte – Cape Verde

Mbambu Bayoh

10. Mbambu Bayoh – Liberia/ Sierra Leone 

Who are your favourite African Models? Leave a comment below. Did we leave out any of your favourites? Let us know!