A few weeks ago, singer Chris Brown was spotted wearing what is widely known (or evidently NOT widely known) as a dashiki. The UK Daily Mail called it an "aztec styled poncho". Why?

Aztec Styled Ponchos - according to Google
Aztec Styled Ponchos - according to Google

We have discussed the origin of the dashiki in a previous blog post (read it here) and described as a truly African Inspired Product. Why then does the media not recognise it as such? Instead in "negative" circumstances (such as the case of Melphine Evans), they are quick to find outdated stock images of dashiki wearing folk to describe some backwards type of African product. Why can't they use fashionable images depicting African style - we've got plenty in abundance at My Asho and My Asho Market. And so do ASOS Africa, Sapelle, Zuvaa and the myriad of top African fashion designers out there? So why? Why when there's a discussion of someone wearing African prints to work, is the image used this:

Stock Image used by Daily Mail
Stock Image used by various sources in Melphine Evans story

And we're not even going to delve into the descriptions we've seen of Beyonce in this African print playsuit by DemestiksNY - we'll save that for another day.
Beyonce in African Print Playsuit by Demestiks NY

We'd really love to know your thoughts on this - are we being oversensitive? Do you think after all the effort made by the African fashion community, this shows that actually Western media still don't have a bloody clue and don't even care to have a bloody clue? If it's not mired in some kind of charity, do they really care? What do you think?

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