Last week we attended an amazing event organised by Ecommerce Futures called Forecasting Fashion. Believe it or not, this was our first proper "industry" event and it was overwhelming to say the least. So many new ideas and buzzwords were presented which we're still ruminating on and which we hope we can implement in the near future to improve your shopping experience with us.

Fortunately, many of the ideas presented at the event we already use, but perhaps have not communicated them very effectively. So we've pondered and wondered, and come up with 5 reasons for you to shop with us.

  1. We sell awesome stuff. Great quality, lovingly designed and crafted, unique - you won't find it anywhere else, you won't wander into a party and see 5 girls in the same pieces. Everything is produced in limited quantities and every item has a story which you can share with people who ask you got your item from - people will ask!

  2. We offer various secure payment options. You can pay via most major debit/credit cards in GBP, USD and EUR. We also accept PayPal payments and if you're still unsure, call us! We accept secure payment over the telephone 24/7 - call us on +448450569052

  3. Worldwide courier delivery within 4 days. To most destinations you will receive your items within 1-3 days. For UK it's next day delivery. Also for UK, we do offer an option to collect your items - and try them on! Email us or call us for further information about that.

  4. For My Asho customers we offer FREE WORLDWIDE RETURNS. That's right. If you're not happy, simply call/email us and we'll pick up the items wherever you are in the world. For My Asho Market customers, we have a no hassle returns policy. So if you're not happy with your purchase, return it and we'll give you your money back.

  5. By shopping with us, you encourage our team. You support our designers and validate the work we all do. You encourage and help to grow an industry that really impacts lives in a positive way. You give credibility to all our designers and you stick your finger up at all the fashion editors who ever said no to featuring an African designer or stories about fashion from the continent. You make it harder for people to claim our original ideas. #justsaying

Now if you really just don't like our products, that's fine! Let us know what you like and we'll get it for you! If, on the other hand, you like certain pieces but think "ooh, that's a bit too out there for me", follow Cynthia as she takes on the #myashomarketchallenge and wears #printforaweek. You can see how to incorporate bold prints into your daily wardrobe. You can follow her escapades here. Alternatively, follow our Style It blog which suggests ways to wear our pieces.

Please do connect with us - we've very active (and a bit controversh) on Twitter and on Facebook. We've also this week joined LinkedIn - whoop! Still figuring it all out and have no friends yet, so do connect with us if you can.

We hope you enjoy our candour. Do leave us a comment so we don't feel like we're speaking to the air (is anybody out there...?)

Have a great week!

The My Asho/My Asho Market Team